Erfahrungen aus der Umrüstung von Diesel- Zweitaktmotoren auf LNG

Tobias Tessmer

MAN Energy Solutions

The ME-GI concept is a proven engine concept for new buildings. By means of engine conversion, can the same concept be applied to existing vessel’s. This has positive impact on fuel costs, environment impact and vessel’s EEDI.
The conversion to second fuel. What is the learning so far? Technical complex? Where are the challenges?
The presentation shall list possible challenges. Show that technical solutions are comparable easy in contrary to technical responsibility, due diligence and basic project management.
Who is the integrator, compensator and coordinator in one instance? Who takes the lead because of abilities instead of title or relationship?
System solutions evolve. Components are available at compatible prices. Main challenge might remain – the interaction and coordination between different parties and interests.
Main lesson learned is, the correct project setup will secure on time and on budget delivery. This will make engine conversion to an easy task as the technical solutions might be.


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